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SALECAPITAL Partners with Kantox to Expand Currency Management Solutions in the South African market


Kantox, a leader in currency management automation software for businesses, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with SALECAPITAL, a South African provider of corporate treasury software and solutions. 

This collaboration will allow SALECAPITAL, a BELLIN partner, to introduce prospective clients from the African continent to Kantox’s award-winning technology. Through this, SALECAPITAL will be able to strengthen its position as a driver of digitalisation within corporate treasury and confirm its commitment to providing innovative financial and treasury solutions to customers.  

Kantox’s Dynamic Hedging is a leading currency management automation software which enables corporates to fully automate and optimise every stage of any FX hedging program, creating greater efficiencies for treasurers. The technology centralises the data capture process on a single platform, resulting in real-time exposure overview, thus allowing businesses to much better monitor, manage and mitigate their currency risk. 

“The currency market on the African continent is exceptionally volatile, and a reliable strategic technology partner like Kantox is a perfect match for us. Large market movements, wider bid-offer spreads and lack of transparency are all issues facing corporate treasuries in South Africa and the continent at large. This technology combined with its ability to adapt to different clients’ needs and technology requirements brings a long-overdue solution to FX hedging in these highly volatile countries. We look forward to a successful partnership” explains Annette Smyth, Director of SALECAPITAL.

“Through our collaboration with SALECAPITAL, we will be able to expand our reach to companies in the African market that are seeking innovative solutions which meet the industry’s need for tailored currency management technology,” says Kantox Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Schimmel.

“Efficient currency management automation software can transform a company’s FX workflow. Our software enables companies to completely automate FX risk management for their business, and help them become more competitive, whilst leveraging currencies to expand into new markets.”